"Impacting Youth Impacting Africa!Training Leaders Changing Lives!"




This project is about building a Training Center for youth and leader of youth. The center has:

1.    Two dormitories constituted on the first floor of four big room with a capacity of at least 16 beds each that is 64 beds at least for each dormitory on the first floor, the bathroom and the toilet are at the ends of the floor. The second floor is constituted of 17 individual rooms with toilet and bathroom for each dormitory. Considering all this a minimum of 162 people can stay at the same time in the centre.


2.    A refectory (Dinning hall and Kitchen) capacity of minimum 150 seats with kitchen and toilet.


3.    A conference hall where at least 160 people can fellowship together with an office where can be prepared coffee break, and toilets.

4.    An office with a multimedia centre and a reading room.

The total surface covered by the constructions is 1840,3m².


The site is located at Mbankomo a town situated at about 30 Km from Yaoundé the capital of Cameroon on the road between Yaoundé-Douala. It is at about 500m from the main road to avoid the noise of the cars. The people living around are the ethnic group called Ewondo, they are welcoming and peaceful, it is the same ethnic group as in Yaoundé.


After consulting several building companies the average budget they gave us is 400 000£ to build the centre ,but if we hire an engineer and we control the building the cost will be lower about 250 000£ and another advantage is that we can divide the project into different phases according to the fund available. The whole project can be break down in 5 different phases:

1.    Building of “gros oeuvres”(works of shell?) of the conference hall and the first floor of one dormitory. Budget- £44 056,879

2.    Finishing works of the conference hall and the first floor of dormitory, building of the kitchen and the store,”gros oeuvres” of the refectory. Budget - £48 985,537

3.    Finishing work of the refectory, building of the first floor of the second dormitory. Budget -£48 985

4.    “gros oeuvres”(works of shell?) of the second floor of the two dormitories.

Budget-£56 472,274

At this level we are building rooms about 34 rooms and it will take more materials to do it.Also the project has been divided in a way that  everything that have been built can immediately be occupied. So if we want to lower the budget of this phase we can create a phase  6

Finishing work of the second floor of the two dormitories and building of the office.Budget-50 849,856 £

The total budget will be 250 614,96 £.It is  a bit higher because we break it in more phases.


What are the benefits of this Project?

A Youth Training Center will help us fulfill our vision and mission of discipleship and multiplication of Disciplemakers! We’ve been renting camp sites to disciple  the youth and grow leaders, Having our own centre will give us opportunity to spend more time with those we disciple and training this will allow us time to go deeper in transferring to them Jesus’ Life.